Subtil Discography

Vrac - Pertu EP | SBBTL001
VRAC is a Romanian music production duo from Bucharest: Vlad Radu and Andrei Ciubuc. The the EP called PERTU EP, a three track 3 EP with excellent grooves.

Lumieux - Eudem EP | SBTL002
After the great debut of VRAC comes Lumieux withs his Eudem Ep. Lumieux is a young talented guy, based in Bucharest. He delivers two original tracks on the A-Side. The B-Side comes with an additional remix from Ion Ludwig. We are very happy to welcome this two guys to the Subtil Family.

Cosmin - Naiti Nait EP | SBTL003
The third Subtil release comes from the Romanian Cosmin Nastasa.
You can find two extra-long club tracks with excellent grooves.
Early support by Rhadoo and Barac.

Patrick Klein & Dario Reimann - Cinnamon Enemy | SBTL004
Strong release by Patrick Klein & Dario Reimann, based in Frankfurt.
Patrick & Dario are also knows from their releases on Sensual Records.
The SBTL004 is called Cinnamon Enemy and consists three timeless tracks, many possibilities guaranteed.

V.A. Pandering EP 1 | SBTL005
Tracks by Marc Philipp & Nils Weimann, Martin Glowacz, Muanda

Julian - Metamorfoze EP | SBTL006
Julian´s Metamorfoze EP Part 1 comes with two massive tracks from Julian, based in Bucharest. Early support by Rhadoo, Barac and many more

VRAC - Repattern EP | SBTL007
VRAC aka Andrei Ciubuc & Vlad Radu are back on Subtil. The release features two tracks, titled Repattern and Default 44. Both tracks characterized by a mesh of hypnotic drums, clicks as well as dark synth-lines, skillfully arranged into an ambivalent atmosphere.
It´s good to have the two romanians back on Subtil.

Cosmjn - Vibr8 EP | SBTL008
Cosmjn is back! After his first debut on subtil with his NAITI NAIT EP. Now he delivered us a three track compilation with good grooves, baselines and melodic

Vlad Arapasu - Artifical Moves | SBTL010
Time flies and we are back with our 10th catalog number!
We welcome the Bucharest based artist and producer Vlad Arapasu (the half of the Dubsons) to the family. He is ready to kick off his solo project with a massive 3 track Ep - called Artificial Moves.
Filled with hypnotic grooves, pushing basslines and highly textured.
Heavy support by Barac, Arapu, Priku and more.
Check it out. Exclusive on vinyl.

Piktor - Senin EP | SBTL011
smooth minimalistic techno with hints of acid here and there completed by dreamy melodies from another world.

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