Subtil Discography

Vrac - Pertu EP | SBBTL001
VRAC is a Romanian music production duo from Bucharest: Vlad Radu and Andrei Ciubuc. The the EP called PERTU EP, a three track 3 EP with excellent grooves.

Lumieux - Eudem EP | SBTL002
After the great debut of VRAC comes Lumieux withs his Eudem Ep. Lumieux is a young talented guy, based in Bucharest. He delivers two original tracks on the A-Side. The B-Side comes with an additional remix from Ion Ludwig. We are very happy to welcome this two guys to the Subtil Family.

Cosmin - Naiti Nait EP | SBTL003
The third Subtil release comes from the Romanian Cosmin Nastasa.
You can find two extra-long club tracks with excellent grooves.
Early support by Rhadoo and Barac.

Patrick Klein & Dario Reimann - Cinnamon Enemy | SBTL004
Strong release by Patrick Klein & Dario Reimann, based in Frankfurt.
Patrick & Dario are also knows from their releases on Sensual Records.
The SBTL004 is called Cinnamon Enemy and consists three timeless tracks, many possibilities guaranteed.

V.A. Pandering EP 1 | SBTL005
Tracks by Marc Philipp & Nils Weimann, Martin Glowacz, Muanda

Julian - Metamorfoze EP | SBTL006
Julian´s Metamorfoze EP Part 1 comes with two massive tracks from Julian, based in Bucharest. Early support by Rhadoo, Barac and many more

VRAC - Repattern EP | SBTL007
VRAC aka Andrei Ciubuc & Vlad Radu are back on Subtil. The release features two tracks, titled Repattern and Default 44. Both tracks characterized by a mesh of hypnotic drums, clicks as well as dark synth-lines, skillfully arranged into an ambivalent atmosphere.
It´s good to have the two romanians back on Subtil.

Cosmjn - Vibr8 EP | SBTL008
Cosmjn is back! After his first debut on subtil with his NAITI NAIT EP. Now he delivered us a three track compilation with good grooves, baselines and melodic

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